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What I Ate Today!

My first ever video on my YouTube channel… So don’t be too mean! I don’t really know much about editing so hopefully they will keep getting better 🙂

Inside Ethical taking on YouTube?

Since my blog is over a year old now, I thought it was time to take on a new challenge! I typically spend my days procrastinating from university work y watching hours and hours of YouTube videos, mainly made by the vegan community. They do such an awesome job at spreading the vegan message to…read more

Something A Bit Different

Something I haven’t written about on my blog before is my love for music! It doesn’t really fit in with any of the other things I talk about on here, but I just started posting covers on my YouTube channel, so I thought I would share it. If you have an interest in music and…read more

Lifestyle Inspiration

Before trying to adopt a healthier, more active and generally more positive lifestyle, I used to spend hours on YouTube, Instagram and blogs looking for inspiration and tips on how to succeed. Even now that I have made changes, I still love doing this, so thought I would share with you the people and blogs…read more

Bored? Got Netflix or YouTube? Be sure to watch these…

Before going vegan, I was always interested in the lifestyle, but never really had the urge to go that last step and convert from vegetarianism to full on veganism. I was always interested in health and nutrition, so often found myself checking out food documentaries on Netflix, little did I know that one day, it…read more

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