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Supporting Local: Sprout Health Foods, Newquay

In June 2016, my local town got a whole lot better, as a new independent health food shop Sprout opened its doors to the public. Sprout not only puts a spotlight on┬álocal businesses, ┬ábut also provides a wide range of natural food, drinks and produce (as well as killer coffee and raw cakes). By filling…read more

Saturday Brunch

Today we tried out a new vegan restaurant in Newquay, The Green HeART cafe, which only re-opened a few weeks ago. It’s a really cool setting, with lots of art for sale on the walls, cool furniture, games and chilled music. The menus were amazing, with lots of veggie and vegan choices, as well as…read more

Ohana, Newquay (AKA a vegan’s dream)

If you are ever in Newquay, you MUST visit Ohana. Not only does it boast spectacular views over a beautiful beach, it also serves amazing food and drinks for both vegans and non-vegans. Not only this, but the cafe is super cute, plays great music and the staff are insanely friendly! Ohana is also great…read more

Easter Holiday Eats

Taking a trip back home usually means two things, too much food and too much alcohol, both of which have been true this time! Since coming home, I have eaten out at least once a day, which, even as a vegan hasn’t been difficult at all. For lunches, Pret a Manger was my favourite option,…read more

Being Vegan in Newquay

When people think of Cornwall, they typically think of seafood, ice cream, clotted cream, pasties and fudge… And this is not good news when you’re a vegan. While all of these foods are abundant where I live in Newquay, there are also some amazing vegan options, so I thought I’d share my favourites with you,…read more

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