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My New Favourite Vegan Documentary?

Vegans sometimes get a bad name for themselves, as they are often seen as radical, preachy people, but Simon Amstell’s new feature length documentary may just change this perception. How? By delivering the hard truth, akin to the kind of things you would see in Earthlings or Cowspiracy, but in a ‘mockumentary’ style. The film,…read more

The Vegan Kind: May

Today is a good day… Both my Vegan Kind boxes turned up! Firstly, I opened my beauty box! My favourite item in this was definitely the coconut and lime hair mask, which I am so excited to try as it smells divine! Also included in here was a lip scrub, face powder, eye gel and…read more

The Vegan Kind: February

It’s that time again! Today my two vegan kind boxes arrived, one of them the lifestyle box and the other the beauty box, and they did not disappoint! In this month’s lifestyle box, 10p from each purchase went to C-A-L-F animal sanctuary, which is home to many rescued animals so is a very worthwhile cause….read more

Lifestyle Inspiration

Before trying to adopt a healthier, more active and generally more positive lifestyle, I used to spend hours on YouTube, Instagram and blogs looking for inspiration and tips on how to succeed. Even now that I have made changes, I still love doing this, so thought I would share with you the people and blogs…read more

The Addiction Is Real

Lush is a British cosmetics company with a mission: To provide consumers with natural hair, body and beauty products, which in my opinion, they do very well! Which is why, over time, this has happened: I would say around 80% of all of my beauty products are from Lush, my make up, shower gels, moisturisers,…read more

Cruelty-free Cosmetics

Most women, myself included, love cosmetics, and it’s safe to say that most also love animals. Yet, despite the ban on animal tested products within the EU, Israel and India, consumers are still buying cosmetics that have been tested on animals throughout the rest of the world, with the biggest contributors being the USA and…read more

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