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My New Favourite Vegan Documentary?

Vegans sometimes get a bad name for themselves, as they are often seen as radical, preachy people, but Simon Amstell’s new feature length documentary may just change this perception. How? By delivering the hard truth, akin to the kind of things you would see in Earthlings or Cowspiracy, but in a ‘mockumentary’ style. The film,…read more

Orca Captive Breeding Ended

The changing attitudes of people globally has caused SeaWorld to make a big change: they have recently stated that they are going to end their captive breeding programme. Orcas have been found at SeaWorld since 1964, yet the current generation will be the last in their care, since they are no longer collected from the…read more

Using Animals for Entertainment

I’m sure we’re all guilty of visiting numerous zoos, aquariums and other establishments that keep animals in captivity mainly for human entertainment. Dog fights, horse racing, fishing, hunting and bull fights make spectacles of the animals, but tend to be socially accepted as they are seen as fun or culturally important. Reflecting on the past,…read more

The Issue With: Palm Oil.

Palm oil is an edible vegetable oil derived from the palm fruit that is used in just about everything from cosmetics to foods, bio-fuels and even detergents. Production over the last decade has doubled, as the markets demand for the valuable asset has increased. The issue with this increased demand is that the plant is…read more

Cruelty-free Cosmetics

Most women, myself included, love cosmetics, and it’s safe to say that most also love animals. Yet, despite the ban on animal tested products within the EU, Israel and India, consumers are still buying cosmetics that have been tested on animals throughout the rest of the world, with the biggest contributors being the USA and…read more

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