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Should Our Pets Be Vegan?

People have the ability to make a choice about what they eat, often based on their beliefs surrounding ethics, health and the environment. Despite the fact that many of these people own companion animals,  the topic of what vegans should feed their pets is a contentious one.   The oldest living dog in the world, Bramble,…read more

My New Favourite Vegan Documentary?

Vegans sometimes get a bad name for themselves, as they are often seen as radical, preachy people, but Simon Amstell’s new feature length documentary may just change this perception. How? By delivering the hard truth, akin to the kind of things you would see in Earthlings or Cowspiracy, but in a ‘mockumentary’ style. The film,…read more

February: Second Hand Finds

Ethical consumerism doesn’t always mean you have to avoid your favourite brands, as by using sites like eBay, Depop or ASOS market place you can buy things that other people no longer want, that you may love, but without the guilt! This month I have found plenty of amazing things on eBay for a fraction…read more

Ethical Fashion

Clothing choice is not something I really thought about too much before going vegan, obviously as a vegetarian I tried to avoid leather, but my consideration didn’t really stretch much further than that. Now, however, I feel that not only is it important for me to avoid animal derived products like wool, but to also…read more

The Issue With: Plastic.

Plastic is ruining our oceans, and it is our fault. Commercially, plastic is used for everything, bags, bottles, supermarket packaging and more, meaning it is nearly inescapable. Due to this, plastic pollution is a big issue for every major water way in the world, harming sea birds, mammals and fish. Cuts, strangulation and ingestion are…read more

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