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Animal Protein and Increased Mortality Rates

Many recent articles published in scientific journals have one thing in common: they agree that animal protein consumption links to an increase in mortality rates. High protein diets are commonplace in society today, as many see them as an easy way to lose weight, which is becoming ever more important as obesity continues to rise….read more

The Vegan Kind: October

I had to wait a few days after receiving my TVK box this month to write my review as I had to wait for the food coma it’s arrival ensued to pass. ¬†Yet again, the team at The Vegan Kind have excelled themselves. This month’s box included: Jealous Sweets Tangy worms- Jealous Sweets make some…read more

What Is It Like To Study Marine Conservation?

Do you have dreams of saving the whales? Have visions of frolicking in the ocean with your new dolphin friends? Or do you simply want to protect the ocean? Chances are, if any of these statements are true, you might have considered studying for a degree in marine conservation. Aged 18, with the hope of…read more

The Vegan Kind: September (TVK35)

Where has the summer gone?! I cannot believe it’s September already, and as Autumn starts creeping in and the daylight is slowly beginning to dwindle, I am taking great comfort in this month’s TVK box! As always, the team at TVK use 10p from every box sold to go towards charities that help animals. This…read more

The Vegan Kind: August

It was another double whammy this month, with both the lifestyle and cosmetic boxes turning up on my doorstep! Lifestyle Box First up in the food box were these pineapple sweets from Candy Kittens, the company ran by Made In Chelsea’s Jamie Laing. This is their first vegan product, and it is so good! Definitely…read more

Why Is Staying Active Important?

Healthy hearts, healthy bones, a clearer mind and a greater sense of confidence are just a few of the ways exercise can help when trying to maintain a healthy life style. Yet while most of us know this, getting up and moving is hard for a lot of us. There always seems to be something…read more

What I Ate Today

Breakfast: After a bowl of cereal (kinda boring so no picture needed) I still fancied something sweet. I made some chocolate banana ‘nice cream’ with a dark chocolate soya pudding and around 3 frozen bananas. I topped with raspberries and coconut, and it was amazing! Dinner: We decided to go out for dinner, so we…read more

The Vegan Kind: May

Today is a good day… Both my Vegan Kind boxes turned up! Firstly, I opened my beauty box! My favourite item in this was definitely the coconut and lime hair mask, which I am so excited to try as it smells divine! Also included in here was a lip scrub, face powder, eye gel and…read more

Potluck Dinners!

I have just returned from my first, and definitely not my last vegan potluck dinner! For those of you unfamiliar about what this is, it’s basically a bunch of people who all bring their own dishes for everyone to share, sort of like a big communal picnic I guess. They are a great idea as…read more

Something A Bit Different

Something I haven’t written about on my blog before is my love for music! It doesn’t really fit in with any of the other things I talk about on here, but I just started posting covers on my YouTube channel, so I thought I would share it. If you have an interest in music and…read more

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