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Easter Holiday Eats

Taking a trip back home usually means two things, too much food and too much alcohol, both of which have been true this time! Since coming home, I have eaten out at least once a day, which, even as a vegan hasn’t been difficult at all. For lunches, Pret a Manger was my favourite option,…read more

You’re vegan? OMG what do you eat?!

Pretty much every time anyone learns I’m vegan, the response is the same. I think its often difficult for people to understand the vegan diet, as up until recently, I feel its been a bit of a taboo subject. Where do you get your protein? Aren’t you deficient in calcium? What about bacon? Truthfully, since…read more

The Vegan Kind: March

It’s that time again! I cannot believe that March is here already, but was definitely excited to receive another Vegan Kind box in the mail. This month, TVK were giving 10p from each box to a charity called Special Needs Older Rabbits Sanctuary, which is just as adorable as it sounds! SNORS was formed to…read more

What I ate this weekend in Falmouth

As a belated Valentines gift to one another, me and my boyfriend decided to go and spend the weekend in Falmouth. Ultimately, this mostly meant eating lots of amazing food, so I thought I’d share the best places we found for vegan food! We arrived at lunch time on Friday, so headed straight to my…read more

The Vegan Kind: February

It’s that time again! Today my two vegan kind boxes arrived, one of them the lifestyle box and the other the beauty box, and they did not disappoint! In this month’s lifestyle box, 10p from each purchase went to C-A-L-F animal sanctuary, which is home to many rescued animals so is a very worthwhile cause….read more

The Perfect Vegan Burrito

Who doesn’t love Mexican food? If you’re vegan and finding it hard to get the taste of authentic Mexican food without the cheese and sour cream, this is the recipe for you! These are not only super healthy and quick, but are incredibly tasty too!

Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid of Carbs: The Starch Solution

When trying to lose weight, or simply become healthier, people are often told to stay away from carbohydrates. Many people are under the assumption that carbohydrates, such as potatoes and rice, can often actually make you gain weight, but this is not the case. According to Dr. McDougall’s book ‘The Starch Solution’ it is in…read more

What I Ate Today – Vegan Meal Ideas

While most people probably aren’t that interested in what I ate today, I absolutely love reading blog posts like this and watching people’s videos on YouTube, so I thought, why not?! Hopefully it will give you guys some inspiration, and show that vegan food doesn’t always have to be boring and super healthy. Breakfast This…read more

What’s Wrong With Dairy?

Most people think the meat and dairy industry are two separate things, but often, that is not the case. Animals used for dairy are often still subject to suffering in factory farms, and often also end up as meat. Both male calves and chicks are typically euthanised¬†within the first few days of their lives, as…read more

Being Vegan in Newquay

When people think of Cornwall, they typically think of seafood, ice cream, clotted cream, pasties and fudge… And this is not good news when you’re a vegan. While all of these foods are abundant where I live in Newquay, there are also some amazing vegan options, so I thought I’d share my favourites with you,…read more

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