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Ethical Fashion: October

My wardrobe and I were both resisting the incoming Autumn, but days of flip flops and t-shirts were beginning to result in frost bitten toes and permanent goosebumps,  I felt like it might be time to update a few pieces just in time to battle the 70 mile an hour winds that Cornwall likes to…read more

February: Second Hand Finds

Ethical consumerism doesn’t always mean you have to avoid your favourite brands, as by using sites like eBay, Depop or ASOS market place you can buy things that other people no longer want, that you may love, but without the guilt! This month I have found plenty of amazing things on eBay for a fraction…read more

The Truth Behind Your Fur Coat

Since 80-85% of the global fur trade’s products are industrially produced on fur farms, these animals endure the same confinement and poor treatment as animals farmed for meat and dairy as farmers often want to maximise their profits, at the expense of the animals. To cut costs, killing methods often include suffocation, electrocution, gassing, and poisoning, all…read more

Ethical Fashion

Clothing choice is not something I really thought about too much before going vegan, obviously as a vegetarian I tried to avoid leather, but my consideration didn’t really stretch much further than that. Now, however, I feel that not only is it important for me to avoid animal derived products like wool, but to also…read more

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