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Sexism in Science?

I am a girl. I study science. Yet why when researchers asked children to draw a scientist did the overwhelming majority draw a man in a white lab coat? A group of researchers looked into two differing databases that were popular sources for teaching materials, particularly in primary schools. These resources included experiments, demonstrations, assignments, videos…read more

Deforestation : How we can feed the world without it

Many people have come to accept that an ever expanding population means that a greater amount of deforestation must take place in order to create more land for farming however, this may not be the case. Scientists have recently suggested that it would be entirely possible to feed the world’s population without the need for…read more

The Blob – How are marine heatwaves impacting ecosystems?

The implications of climate change on land can be easily seen, as an increase in storms, drought and other extreme weather patterns are becoming increasingly common. However, many changes are also found within the world’s oceans in the form of marine heatwaves. Unusually warm oceans can have widespread impacts on marine ecosystems. Extremes in weather are…read more

Impacts of plastics

Plastics are an almost inescapable part of modern lives, as they have so many differing uses. They are a diverse group of materials which are made from petrochemicals (Reisser et al, 2013), that are lightweight yet strong meaning they are durable and they are also relatively cheap to produce, therefore they are one of the…read more

Orca Captive Breeding Ended

The changing attitudes of people globally has caused SeaWorld to make a big change: they have recently stated that they are going to end their captive breeding programme. Orcas have been found at SeaWorld since 1964, yet the current generation will be the last in their care, since they are no longer collected from the…read more

We Shouldn’t Treat Animals Like Props

A new craze of selfies seems to be doing the rounds on social media sights, featuring animals both in the wild and in captivity. While many would think that causing harm to animals is simply unnecessary, some feel that it is perfectly fine to pluck a dolphin or shark from the ocean, strike a pose…read more

How Will Climate Change Impact Your Diet?

Researchers from Oxford University’s Oxford Martin Future of Food Program have projected the effects of climate change on the global food supply to see how these changes may impact health and mortality rates around the world. The study, published on Wednesday in the Lancet, has shown that by 2050 an extra half a million deaths may be…read more

Using Animals for Entertainment

I’m sure we’re all guilty of visiting numerous zoos, aquariums and other establishments that keep animals in captivity mainly for human entertainment. Dog fights, horse racing, fishing, hunting and bull fights make spectacles of the animals, but tend to be socially accepted as they are seen as fun or culturally important. Reflecting on the past,…read more

Climate Change: Coral Reefs

Coral reefs are one of the most diverse, economically valuable ecosystems on Earth , as well as being source of food and protection for millions. Yet despite this, anthropogenic action is threatening to kill them. With ocean temperatures rising, and acidification occurring due to greater amounts of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, corals are becoming…read more

The Issue With: Palm Oil.

Palm oil is an edible vegetable oil derived from the palm fruit that is used in just about everything from cosmetics to foods, bio-fuels and even detergents. Production over the last decade has doubled, as the markets demand for the valuable asset has increased. The issue with this increased demand is that the plant is…read more

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