Van Life Begins 

The travels have finally started! After years of waiting, our bags were packed, our home in Cornwall was left and the long journey to Australia began. After two days of travel (including lots of tasty vegan plane food – well done Philippine Airlines) we finally arrived in Cairns, located in the north east of Australia. 

Upon arrival, the search for our perfect home on wheels began. After just a couple of days of trawling through gumtree ads, we stumbled across Eddy, and quickly made an appointment to see him.. And of course when we did we fell in love. 

Two days later, we hopped on a bus to one of the local beaches near Cairns to pick him up. What followed was a very nerve wracking drive back to the hostel, as the biggest thing I had previously driven was a KA! We got back back in one piece and after another practise drive, I’m feeling much more confident.. So now the real adventure can begin! 

Keep your eyes peeled for more van life posts, as well as lots of information about the vegan and ethical goodies I find on my journey through Australia. 🌴❤️

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