The Vegan Kind: August 

August was another two box month, meaning not only did I receive a bunch of amazing food, I also got a box full of amazing beauty products! 

I didn’t get my box last month due to it being sent to a house I no longer lived in (remember to change your addresses people!), so this month literally felt like Christmas came early. I’m going to share my 2 favourite items from each box this month, and leave the rest as a surprise in case you want to check it out for yourself! 

Lifestyle box

Guilt free chocolate spread.. Too good to be true, surely? Apparently not! The genius people at sweet freedom have managed to create a delicious spread with 75% less fat than the leading chocolate spread and at only 14 calories a teaspoon you can indulge without feeling bad! Mine was eaten pretty quickly as it became a breakfast staple on toast with a sliced banana on top 😍 However, I have no reason to worry as I can pick more up easily as it can now be found in asda, sainsburys, tesco and boots.

Sticking with the sweet theme, my next favourite is these peachy sweets from candy kittens. Not only do they taste amazing, the company is also working towards making their full sweet range vegan! I thinks it’s really important to support businesses who listen to their customers as well as seeing the importance of a more ethical future.

Beauty box

I was so happy to see is in my box this month as I had been meaning to try another scent since I ran out of my plant based version of ‘alien’. By making perfumes that are identical to big brands, they make it easy to enjoy your favourite scents without having to support animal testing. The scent in the box is ‘daisy’ which smells amazing, with floral and fruity notes. I’ve had so many compliments since I started wearing this, so it’s defiantly going to become one of my staples.

The day before my box arrived I had been talking to a friend about how I wanted to start learning more about essentials oils so I could begin incorporating them into my life.. And ta-da, this one arrives! Blended oils in the happy rollerball include bergamot, lemon tee tree and nutmeg which are great for injecting a burst of happiness whenever you may need it!

Sadly, this is my last box before going to Australia (not so sad) so I won’t be  receiving the amazing products anymore, but I am super excited to try some new vegan goodies on the other side of the world!

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