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Now that I am over the heartbreak of being back in the UK, I thought it would be a good idea to reflect back on my recent trip to New York for my 21st birthday.

I was extremely excited about the trip, but honestly didn’t expect to love the city as much as I did being a beachy girl at heart, but it was amazing.

We were only there for 5 days, but managed to squeeze all of the typical touristy things in, visiting the Statue of Liberty, Rockefeller Center, Empire State Building, Central Park, Ground Zero, Brooklyn bridge, Museum of Natural History, going shopping and a seeing Broadway Show. Just thinking about it makes me feel tired and my feet ache!

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One of the most memorable things however, was our trip to Dovetail. Unlike the typical eating establishments I frequent, which usually consist of falafel burgers and fries, Dovetail is a Michelin star restaurant located on the Upper West Side specialising in fresh seasonal ingredients.

When we first arrived I felt very out of place, but the staff quickly made you feel at ease. Looking at the menu I was also slightly concerned about what I was going to eat as a vegan, but one of the waiters came over to me and explained that they could pretty much make anything I wanted vegan!

After a couple of glasses of wine, some delicious homemade bread and appetisers, I could feel myself settling in and that’s when they started bringing me the best food I had ever tasted in my life.

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I’m not usually one for fancy food, but it was definitely a once in a lifetime experience and something I thoroughly enjoyed, so if you ever get the opportunity to visit, don’t hesitate.

Some other great (slightly cheaper and less daunting) vegan options we tried when in the city included By Chole and Ellary Greens, which are great for both dinner and lunch.

All of the indulgence of New York was closely followed by Christmas and New Year, so it’s safe to say that December has been a good, but very filling month! Now to make some healthy eating resolutions that I will probably stick to for about a week…

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