Eating Vegan In Zante, Greece

I’ve just got back from a week away in Greece, and since the post holiday blues are hitting hard, I thought I would talk about my experience trying to find vegan food in Zante.

Since where we went was pretty touristy, there were plenty of restaurants and bars offering a wide variety of differing foods, from traditional Greek cuisine to burgers and pizza. Despite this, many of the places had one thing in common, they usually only had a couple of vegetarian options, let alone anything vegan.  While the traditional Greek diet does contain a lot of fresh vegetables, many of the dishes also have meat and dairy in them.

However, many of the restaurants were very accommodating, and when I asked for dishes without cheese, or any other form of dairy they happily obliged (after giving me a funny look, laughing and asking if I had bad allergies). During the week I ate LOTS of bread, olives, hummus and pasta as well as a pizza without cheese and vegetable wraps, which were all readily available in the Laganas area where we were staying.

There are also plenty of juice bars and fruit markets in the area, which were super helpful when looking for snacks on the go. Another favourite for an after dinner treat was a place called Chillbox, which not only serves Greek yoghurt and ice cream, but great sorbet too. You then get to top your choice with a range of fruit, biscuits, chocolate and sauces, which made for a refreshing dessert in the 35 degree heat!

Even though there wasn’t too much choice, and the Greek people didn’t really seem to understand veganism half of the time, who can complain when you have views like this?!

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