Monthly Archives: September 24, 2016

What Is It Like To Study Marine Conservation?

Do you have dreams of saving the whales? Have visions of frolicking in the ocean with your new dolphin friends? Or do you simply want to protect the ocean? Chances are, if any of these statements are true, you might have considered studying for a degree in marine conservation. Aged 18, with the hope of…read more

The Great Vegan Bake Off: Guilt Free Banana Bread

As it is Bake Off time of year, I got inspired to get in the kitchen and try my hand at making some delicious treats. Today, since I had a load of very ripe bananas, I decided to try and make banana bread. However, since I am trying to be healthy as I’ve just got…read more

The Vegan Kind: September (TVK35)

Where has the summer gone?! I cannot believe it’s September already, and as Autumn starts creeping in and the daylight is slowly beginning to dwindle, I am taking great comfort in this month’s TVK box! As always, the team at TVK use 10p from every box sold to go towards charities that help animals. This…read more

Eating Vegan In Zante, Greece

I’ve just got back from a week away in Greece, and since the post holiday blues are hitting hard, I thought I would talk about my experience trying to find vegan food in Zante. Since where we went was pretty touristy, there were plenty of restaurants and bars offering a wide variety of differing foods,…read more

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