Orca Captive Breeding Ended

The changing attitudes of people globally has caused SeaWorld to make a big change: they have recently stated that they are going to end their captive breeding programme. Orcas have been found at SeaWorld since 1964, yet the current generation will be the last in their care, since they are no longer collected from the wild.

This news follows the large backlash that the corporation received after renowned documentary Blackfish was aired in 2013, showing the often inhumane treatment that the wild animals receive in the park. Alongside this, there has been recent speculation about the health of the killer whales at the parks, with the notorious Tilikum falling ill, as large marine mammals aren’t fit for life in a tank.

While SeaWorld are making important steps, it is also vital to remember all of the other species that are found in the parks, as they are probably facing the same treatment as the orcas, meaning they too should have the change to not suffer.

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