We Shouldn’t Treat Animals Like Props

A new craze of selfies seems to be doing the rounds on social media sights, featuring animals both in the wild and in captivity. While many would think that causing harm to animals is simply unnecessary, some feel that it is perfectly fine to pluck a dolphin or shark from the ocean, strike a pose and snap a picture.

In the past few weeks alone, a dolphin, a swan, a shark and a peacock have died  from human interactions in order to take a selfie. In a society where social media is so ingrained in our lives, its no surprise that some people go to such inhumane and extreme measures to get that perfect shot to gain admiration from others. However, that doesn’t make the behaviour acceptable.

Causing pain and stress to animals isn’t something that should be accepted in any situation, let alone for a picture.


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Melissa McNeill

I have been fuming with anger because of this “trend” of selfies. I just can’t comprehend how some human beings think a picture is worth more than a life.


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