Monthly Archives: March 23, 2016

You’re vegan? OMG what do you eat?!

Pretty much every time anyone learns I’m vegan, the response is the same. I think its often difficult for people to understand the vegan diet, as up until recently, I feel its been a bit of a taboo subject. Where do you get your protein? Aren’t you deficient in calcium? What about bacon? Truthfully, since…read more

Feeling Gloomy

Recently I’ve been feeling stuck in some kind of rut. Nothing in particular has happened, in fact life is awesome, I live with my amazing boyfriend in our own place, I am doing well at university, I’ve got a great group of friends and I’ve recently got a new job. Yet, some of the time, I’ve…read more

Orca Captive Breeding Ended

The changing attitudes of people globally has caused SeaWorld to make a big change: they have recently stated that they are going to end their captive breeding programme. Orcas have been found at SeaWorld since 1964, yet the current generation will be the last in their care, since they are no longer collected from the…read more

We Shouldn’t Treat Animals Like Props

A new craze of selfies seems to be doing the rounds on social media sights, featuring animals both in the wild and in captivity. While many would think that causing harm to animals is simply unnecessary, some feel that it is perfectly fine to pluck a dolphin or shark from the ocean, strike a pose…read more

The Vegan Kind: March

It’s that time again! I cannot believe that March is here already, but was definitely excited to receive another Vegan Kind box in the mail. This month, TVK were giving 10p from each box to a charity called Special Needs Older Rabbits Sanctuary, which is just as adorable as it sounds! SNORS was formed to…read more

How Will Climate Change Impact Your Diet?

Researchers from Oxford University’s Oxford Martin Future of Food Program have projected the effects of climate change on the global food supply to see how these changes may impact health and mortality rates around the world. The study, published on Wednesday in the Lancet, has shown that by 2050 an extra half a million deaths may be…read more

Vegan Contraception

I’ve been vegan for over a year now, yet it wasn’t until a couple of months ago that I actually looked into contraception. I was on and off the pill for about 3 years, and until last month had been on it for a year and a half straight. Then, I learned that it contained…read more

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