February: Second Hand Finds

Ethical consumerism doesn’t always mean you have to avoid your favourite brands, as by using sites like eBay, Depop or ASOS market place you can buy things that other people no longer want, that you may love, but without the guilt! This month I have found plenty of amazing things on eBay for a fraction of the price they would cost new, showing that ethical fashion is achievable on a budget.


So starting from the top, I found this lovely free people cami, for just £5! Not very weather appropriate now for the UK, but I’m sure I’ll get a lot of wear out of it in the summer.

Next is a blouse from H and M, which I got for just 99p! I love the floaty style and the bell sleeves.

More free people bits next (I have an addiction). The top is a great layering piece, and cost £7. The purple cords were only £5, and I LOVE THEM. The patterned cords cost £15, but came with the tags still on, so were a great bargain.

Since deciding to shop in a more ethical manner in December, these are the first clothes I have actually purchased, and most of them are from my favourite brand, yet as they are all second hand, I don’t have the guilt I would usually have, as I feel like I am kind of recycling other peoples unwanted things!

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