The Vegan Kind: February

It’s that time again! Today my two vegan kind boxes arrived, one of them the lifestyle box and the other the beauty box, and they did not disappoint!


In this month’s lifestyle box, 10p from each purchase went to C-A-L-F animal sanctuary, which is home to many rescued animals so is a very worthwhile cause.

I was extremely excited when I saw these in the box, as before turning vegan I was a slight Reece’s addict. This is a perfect compromise, since all of the ingredients are organic there are no artificial flavours or preservatives. The two flavours are both delicious, but my favourite was definitely the coconut peanut butter!

Speaking of coconut chocolate, this next product was a definite favourite for the month. The bar tastes exactly like a bounty bar, but much smoother and creamier thanks to its truffle centre. YUM.

These moreish cashews are coated in a delicious black pepper and sea salt and the combination is awesome. Safe to say these are already all gone!

Popcorn is always a great choice for a snack as it is light and tends to be pretty healthy, but still tastes great. This one is no exception, especially if you’re missing that cheesy taste!

This was one of the most exciting things in the box for me, as I love green tea and drink it all the time. In the box this month there was a chance to get one of 3 flavours, and mine was just original green tea, which tastes great. It has a really subtle fruity sweetness, so definitely give this a try if you tend to find green tea a bit bitter.


The beauty box did not disappoint either, not only was it filled with great products, but 20p from each box also went to the Dr Hadwen Trust, which is the UK’s leading non-animal research charity.

First kiss is a bright candy pink shade lipstick, which I have to admit scared me to begin with as I’m not a massive fan on lip colour, yet after reading the description I will have to give it a try! It is made from a moisture rich formula, meaning  won’t dry out your lips like many other products, and is also meant to have great staying power. There are a range of other colours to pick from, so I’m sure everyone can find their perfect shade.

A slightly less intimidating product is the multi-functional highlighter from Barry M. While not only giving a warm glow to the cheekbones, it is also meant to be great for use as an eye-shadow!

These incense are handrolled only using natural ingredients that are 100% vegan, and they smell divine, so are probably my favourite item in this month’s box. Not only this, but they come with a super cute holder that would be a perfect accent to any room!

Overall, the products from this month’s boxes were awesome, and I cannot wait to give them all a proper try.


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these look awesome! where did you sign up for these boxes/what organization are they from?


They are the best! such a nice little surprise every month 🙂 you don’t have to sign up either, I think you can just buy a one off box if you just wanted to give it a try!


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