Monthly Archives: February 21, 2016

What I ate this weekend in Falmouth

As a belated Valentines gift to one another, me and my boyfriend decided to go and spend the weekend in Falmouth. Ultimately, this mostly meant eating lots of amazing food, so I thought I’d share the best places we found for vegan food! We arrived at lunch time on Friday, so headed straight to my…read more

February: Second Hand Finds

Ethical consumerism doesn’t always mean you have to avoid your favourite brands, as by using sites like eBay, Depop or ASOS market place you can buy things that other people no longer want, that you may love, but without the guilt! This month I have found plenty of amazing things on eBay for a fraction…read more

The Psychology of Eating Meat

While as a society we care for and love animals, many choose to eat them too. This dilemma has been coined as the ‘meat paradox’ and many scientific studies have been undertaken to see why humans feel it is acceptable to eat some animals, but not others. Dogs and cats are considered members of the…read more

The Vegan Kind: February

It’s that time again! Today my two vegan kind boxes arrived, one of them the lifestyle box and the other the beauty box, and they did not disappoint! In this month’s lifestyle box, 10p from each purchase went to C-A-L-F animal sanctuary, which is home to many rescued animals so is a very worthwhile cause….read more

The Perfect Vegan Burrito

Who doesn’t love Mexican food? If you’re vegan and finding it hard to get the taste of authentic Mexican food without the cheese and sour cream, this is the recipe for you! These are not only super healthy and quick, but are incredibly tasty too!

Lifestyle Inspiration

Before trying to adopt a healthier, more active and generally more positive lifestyle, I used to spend hours on YouTube, Instagram and blogs looking for inspiration and tips on how to succeed. Even now that I have made changes, I still love doing this, so thought I would share with you the people and blogs…read more

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