The Addiction Is Real

Lush is a British cosmetics company with a mission: To provide consumers with natural hair, body and beauty products, which in my opinion, they do very well!

Which is why, over time, this has happened:


I would say around 80% of all of my beauty products are from Lush, my make up, shower gels, moisturisers, body scrubs, face wash and even my toothpaste!

The reason is, I just really really love the ethos of the company, they are 100% vegetarian, 83% vegan and 60% preservative free, meaning that the products are natural and good for your skin, rather than being pumped full of nasty chemicals. Not only this, but the company does not tolerate any form of animal testing and has also completely phased out its use of palm oil, meaning its environmentally friendly too. Furthermore, they have a great recycling scheme, where if you bring back 5 empty pots, so that they can reuse them for other products, you get a free face mask, usually worth about £7, all in order for them to eventually create a closed loop of a self sustainable plastic supply.

To sing their praises even more, Lush have also raised millions of pounds for differing charities over the years, especially with the addition of their charity pot, with every penny that is spent on the product going towards helping people, the environment and animals in various ways.

I’ve picked out a few of my favourite staple products so that you can check them out if you’re interested:

  1. Ultrabland facial cleanser

This is my go-to face wash simply because it makes my skin feel amazing and clean, yet without irritating it like many other face washes do. It also feels very moisturising which is a great bonus as it leaves you with silky soft skin!

2) Yuzu and cocoa shower cream


Smells like chocolate, leaves skin super soft and is bright yellow, what more can I say? It’s great! Definitely my go-to shower product at the minute.

3) Celebrate body lotion 


This lotion is quite light, so sinks into your skin really quickly, leaving it instantly soft and smelling like Christmas! The only trouble with this one is that it isn’t available all year round, so be prepared to make it last!

4) Tooth fairy powdered toothpaste 


This strawberry tasting sparkling powder was not something I thought I would ever get used to using in replacement of a minty-fresh toothpaste, yet now I can honestly say it is one of my favourite lush products that I own. It leaves your teeth feeling as clean as a conventional toothpaste, but without all of the damaging ingredients… Plus it sparkles!

5) Light yellow skin tint


I used the light yellow colour supplement as a foundation, which gives a very natural, even coverage and helps to cover up blemishes. You can also mix with moisturiser for an even lighter coverage! If you normally have issues with finding the correct shade of foundation I would definitely recommend giving one the colour supplements a try, as they blend really well.

6) Charisma skin tint


This product works amazingly on its own for contouring and bronzing, but also can give the skin a subtle glow when mixed with one of the colour supplements as a base. I love this product, as unlike many other bronzing products, its really easy to blend and doesn’t stand out on the face too much, making it look very natural.

7) It started with a kiss lip tint 


While I now know that this product isn’t actually vegan (it contains white chocolate!) it still makes it onto my favourites as before owning this, I never used lip colour but now I love it! While I won’t be repurchasing this one for obvious reasons, the formula is amazing, so I will be looking into the vegan options such as Strawberry Bombshell. This tint is extremely moisturising as it contains coconut oil and shea butter and the colour is very subtle, but can be built upon to transform into a vivid red shade.

If you have any lush favourites that I can try, or any other ethical cosmetic brands to save me from my addiction, be sure to leave them below in the comments!

Katie x




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I too LOVE Lush, the obsession is so real. It can be so hard to find some vegan products and they make it so easy. Not only that, but the employees are so sweet I always leave that store feeling better about myself 😀


I love your blog! Would it be alright if you looked at mine as I’m a new lush blogger! Or maybe even a follow or a like? Thanks so much! X


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